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Prerequisites for Using PrimaryAccess

PrimaryAccess is a web-based application for creating digital stories. This has a number of advantages. You can work anywhere there is an Internet connection, using either a PC or a Macintosh. You can save your work on the web, beginning a story in one location and later continuing to work on it from another.

When you complete a story, you can also instantly share it with anyone via the web by sending them the URL. You can include links to stories created with PrimaryAccess on web pages and send them to friends via e-mail.

There are a couple of prerequisites for using PrimaryAccess -- a Flash plugin (available free) must be installed in your web browser. In addition, to use the internal recording module, a Java plugin is needed (also available without charge). Finally, while a Flickr photosharing account is not required, it is a great way to post photos that you employ in stories created with PrimaryAccess.

  1. Flash

    You will need the latest version of Flash (Version 8) to use PrimaryAccess.
    The Flash plug-in for your browser is available at no charge from:

    Macromedia's market research indicates that the majority of computers already have Flash. Even if you need it for your computer, the Macromedia web site estamates that it is only a 2 minute download over a 56K modem. (Note: You do not need the Yahoo toolbar, which Macromedia also offers as a download on the Flash site, to run PrimaryAccess.)

  2. Java

    In order to use the internal recording module provided with PrimaryAccess, you will need Java, available without charge. Go to the Java web site:

    and then select the following option: "Download J2SE JRE".

    Note: Good news for Macintosh users. Because it is a defacto environment for cross-platform applications, Apple has made Java a core component of OSX, so you will not need to download it!

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